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In the past, website security has been an intimidating and expensive venture that was only an option for large companies who could handle the subsequent financial investment. With the growth of online small businesses and personal blogging sites, this situation has altered dramatically. Be it for business or personal use, web security should be a concern for all. Web security involves a number of threats that if not checked could exploit vulnerabilities on your website. These threats could be website malware, hackers or even malicious ex-colleagues. The vulnerabilities could be as simple as weak passwords or as technical as SQL injections or even cross-site scripting.

While some may choose to ignore and say that there’s nothing in their website that could interest criminals, there are other factors to consider. Your website could be used to distribute malware or even as a platform for attacking other users.

WebShine can help in protecting your online presence with high-quality and reliable website security at a surprisingly reasonable price. We can offer a full audit of your website and remediation steps. Contact Webshine and discuss your requirements or find out more about vulnerability assessments. We are certified “Qualys Security Specialists”, so your business can rest assured that we have the necessary skills and expertise to identify critical vulnerabilities, and by using Qualys Web Application Firewall we can also remediate these very quickly.