Online Web Databases

Most websites include within it applications that make your customers online experience much more engaging. For example if you have a website for your restaurant, why not include an online table reservation application. This way your customers can immediately see when tables are free and submit a reservation. An email would be sent to you to authorize the booking, and forwarding a confirmation email to the customer.

The applications for web databases are many from simple contact forms to complex business systems. Applications can be password protected, so your staff could manage the back-office processes.

Certain web databases could also be used by your team to record data while they are offsite and visiting customers and clients.

We’ve provided some example web databases that can give you an idea of what can be accomplished.

These can be fully customized to your specific requirements.

Why not contact us for a free consultation and see how WebShine can help your online business.

Example Web Applications

  • Appointment Booking System
  • CRM
  • Recruitment System for CV’s and Job Postings
  • Inventory Management System
  • Customer Membership Data
  • Event Calendar
  • Performance Reviews
  • Project Management
  • Customer Portal
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