Web Application Scanning

Cloud computing is now almost a ubiquitous term and more and more people are doing business, storing personal information, and publishing personal thoughts via web applications.

So what is a web application? In its simplest form its an application that a user connects to via an internet browser and the application is rendered on a web page. Each time you launch a browser and connect to a website, you’re using one or more web applications.

Users can run sophisticated web applications from virtually any device whether it’s a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Web Application Security is all about understanding how to quickly find vulnerabilities in your businesses web applications and fix them so as to prevent attackers from gaining control over the application and other ICT resources.

Vulnerabilities in web applications may take dozens of forms. Many attacks are fault injection based , which exploits vulnerabilities in a web application’s syntax and semantics. Data is the object of desire for attackers – particularly data that can be sold. Does your business hold confidential customer data that an attacker could sell on?. Data such as names, addresses, birth dates, payment card Primary Account Numbers, email addresses, and so on.

Reports of some of the worst data breaches have included the theft of millions of records containing this information. The massive scale of instant reputational damage is unprecedented.

The built-in obscurity of web application vulnerabilities helps them evade traditional network defences –unless an organization takes deliberate countermeasures. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer for detection! As with all security, the best strategy is a multi-layer approach. If your web application is custom built detection and remediation may require source code analysis. Detecting some web application vulnerabilities may require on-site penetration testing.

Even though there is no easy answer the good news is that most prevalent web application vulnerabilities can be detected with software that mimics common attacks and report on these potential vulnerabilities.

These can form part of the overall Web Application Vulnerability Security Policy

WebShine can help your business identify the most prevalent vulnerabilities that could expose your online applications to attack, and provide remediation steps. We can also provide a comprehensive report that not only highlights these vulnerabilities but also the security level threat and potential business impact. We are certified “Qualys Security Specialists”, so your business can rest assured that we have the necessary skills and expertise to identify critical vulnerabilities, and by using Qualys Web Application Firewall we can also remediate these very quickly.

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