Website Vulnerability Scanning

Every online business needs to maintain an easy to use yet safe website, but making your site both highly available and secure is hard work. Viruses, worms, and other security risks constantly threaten the theft of important data and disruption of your online business. Moreover, the dramatic increase in new vulnerabilities being discovered almost every day – and the speed with which these threats are propagated – make this challenge even more difficult. Every single business with a website is at risk due to these vulnerabilities. Whether you’re a small business, a large corporation, or a government agency– it makes no difference, you’re at risk. The solution is to immunize your website from these security threats by eliminating their origin: network vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities have plagued operating systems and software applications from the earliest days of computing. They used to be rare but now reports of successful attacks are almost everyday news . Universal connectivity provided by this global ‘super highway’ gives hackers and criminals easy access to your network and its computing resources. When your website is running without current security updates, these unpatched sites are immediately vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Any online business is susceptible if vulnerabilities aren’t identified and patched.

This is where WebShine can help. We can carry out a vulnerability assessment that could highlight if your website is exposed to an attack, and provide remediation steps. We can also provide a comprehensive report that not only highlights these vulnerabilities but also the security level threat and potential business impact. We are certified “Qualys Security Specialists”, so your business can rest assured that we have the necessary skills and expertise to identify critical vulnerabilities, and produce quality reports to identify business impact

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