Vulnerability Assessment for your Business

Network and Website Security Service

We can discover, manage and remotely monitor the security vulnerabilities of your network, web applications and external IPs quickly and easily. We can find the vulnerabilities that are at the root of 92% of data loss events. And thus we can help you meet your security compliance requirements, induding PCI DSS, and eliminate serious vulnerabilities that are known targets of hackers.

You might already have a firewall and antivirus in place, but with today’s increasingly porous network boundaries now is the time to assess your network and web application Vulnerability Assessment (VA). Keeping hackers out is no longer a viable option. VA finds and resolves the weaknesses that hackers are looking for . This service can be used on your external IPs and domains with no change to your equipment.

What we offer

  • Easy setup: start scanning today
  • PCI scanning services:
  • Scan one web site, or an entire external facing network, layers 3 – 7
  • Clear and concise reporting

Focused Reporting

We will provide a comprehensive analysis of all vulnerabilities found grouped by risk severity. Each detected vulnerability is reported with technical information specific to that risk, including a short summary, severity rating, possible impact, recommended solution and relevant information such as links to vendor updates or patches. An Executive Summary section includes an overall summary for quick assessment of discovered risks.

vulnerabilites details

We can also offer a Website Security Seal

The Security Seal is an attractive offering for your business. Every site scanned can display this dynamic seal to let all visitors know that they are safe while visiting, secure in their purchases and that their private data is protected.


3rd party review of conversion results have proven that by displaying the Security Seal, web site returns will increase between 7% and 18% making web site security one of the only security services that will pay for itself on an ongoing basis.

Website and Web Application Scanning

We can also offer web-application scanning for custom web application vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection and more. It’s the most powerful web application testing system available in the market.

Complement and Simplify Penetration Testing

Many organizations have penetration testing requirements. These tests are time consuming and can be intrusive. Further, with the rapid rate new vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited by hackers, annual penetration test results can be rendered out of date as soon as they are complete. We also offer a constant watch on your networks and websites which greatly simplifies annual pen testing

Meet All Compliance Mandates

Are multiple and sometimes conflicting security compliance requirements making life difficult for youu business? How about PCI ? Our reports are designed with all major compliance standards in mind. Testing of networks, domains and external IPs is required by PCI, SOX, GLBA, FDCC, HIPAA, NERC, FISMA and ISO. Our reports are designed to meet the reporting requirements of these standards. In addition,we are an Approved Scanning Vendor for the PCI which means that if you have PCI compliance requirements then getting a clean scan by us puts you a giant step closer to being PCI compliant.

Our Features

  • We can schedule automatic daily/weekly/monthly scans
  • Easy to use reports with clear remediation recommendations
  • Low bandwidth; test production equipment during business hours
  • High Accuracy: Near zero false positive rate saves time
  • Hosted service is easy to set up, requires no hardware or installation of agent
  • Daily updates of threat library

Key Features

  • Assess and manage the security of customer networks,web sites, and web applications
  • Deliver compliance reports for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, others
  • Highest accuracy testing available eliminates the ‘false positive run-around’
  • Differential reporting alerts you to changes or additions to your networks.
  • Low bandwidth requirements allows testing during working hours
  • No software or agents to install or maintain

How It Works:

1. Port Scan – Web Site Security Audit will investigate all services on all ports on all web servers (web, FTP, mail, Exchange and SQL) plus your firewalls. Whether you have just a blog, or a complex network, we’ll find your open ports and detect what services are running on those ports.

2. Vulnerability Scan – At every open port we’ll identify every service present and determine how it is configured. These services and configurations are compared to our database of thousands of vulnerabilities. If there is a potential vulnerability, we will actively test it to determine if a weakness exists.

3. Web Site Scan – WSS crawls every page of your site and tests every possible entry point against every family of security risk. We have the most in-depth, automated testing for SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) available.

4. Reporting – Our detailed report classifies the risks discovered according to their potential severity. Executive summaries track your overall security ‘grade’ over time and your progress in eliminating issues.

5. Analysis – Each report includes recommendations on how to handle each security risk.

  • Site owners can use WSS to evaluate hosts and service providers. Get the specifics your staff and vendors need to take action and the documentation you need to confirm repairs.
  • For Hosts and IT staff: Use WSS to appraise decision makers of the importance of security issues and provide proof that all issues are resolved and your site is clean.

6. Certification – Display the Web Site Security Seal: Improve your visitor’s confidence and your sales.

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