Visual Content

Why Add Visual Content to Your Website

Do you want to learn how to generate more traffic to your site effectively? There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your site. Adding visual content to your website can be a great way to generate traffic to your website. However, remember that you have less than a minute to make the first impression. Over 90 percent of the info that is transmitted to the human brain is visual. Experts tend to agree that visual content is generally transmitted to the human brain faster than plain text. Visual content includes whiteboard animations, logo & banner animations, infographics and videos. Here, you will learn why you need to invest in adding visual content to your website.

1. Whiteboard Animations

Also known as Video Scribing, Whiteboard Animation is very effective when it comes to attracting visitors to a website. There is simply something about someone scribbling on a screen that grabs people’s attention and makes it very difficult for them to stop watching. Whiteboard animation grabs your attention by utilizing customized music, images and quick movements to fully keep the audience engaged. You can’t help but keep watching. With a good animator, it is easy to build special, dedicated and engaging messages. Your brand, a product, a book outline and a sales pitch are all good ideas for Whiteboard Animations. You can use it to quickly spread the word on various sites or to generally generate traffic through YouTube and other similar websites. Also, it has a special format to share, post, and pin. If you put good messages and present them in the right way, then they are likely to go viral. It will also improve your search engine rankings and click rates are likely to be improved as well.

2. Logo and Banner Animations

Logo & Banner animations also offer valuable information and help grab the attention of your online visitors by offering movement to a static webpage. When a prospective consumer opens a page and sees something moving, they will notice. Unlike static banners, animated banners and logos also help you to put several messages across at the same time. For instance, perhaps you want to ask your customer to buy the product, but you can also let them know more about an offer price and that you have introduced a new product. You can put all those messages across in a single animated banner because of the use of various frames. It also allows you to make an impression. Even if the potential consumer doesn’t click on the animated banner, it will stick in their memory. Probably when they require such a product, they will get back to your site because of the animated banner.

3. Infographics

Infographics are quick and effective ways to transmit information. They get noticed and will generate effective results. Potential customers are grateful when they can get the point fast. Since infographics convey info graphically, potential customers can read and understand them fast. They are also interesting to use and are effective when used to convey information that would be cumbersome to digest if not presented in graphical form. Infographics can be used to show potential customers how your product or service will benefit them as well as how yours are better then your competitor’s.

4. Videos

Videos can help enhance your ranking in search engine results. They will appear as text links along with other search results, which means that your videos will be presented directly to the visitors as a result of their usual search on Google. Videos are also great sources of exposure and web traffic. Submitting your videos to websites like YouTube will give you more exposure and linking them to your business website will help drive more traffic to your site. Now that you know why you need to add visual content to your website, contact WebShine to discuss your requirements