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Premium Web Hosting

Webshine Hosting offers first-rate hosting solutions and a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime guarantee. We have Linux hosting servers running Apache in order to deliver maximum security for your web site.We also offer modestly priced domain name registration and transfer services.
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Website Malware Removal

Website Virus Scanning and Removal

Does your website contain a virus?
Can your visitors be infected by viruses on your website?
Would you like to know what vulnerabilities exist on your website?
Would you like a comprehensive report on how to remidiate these vulnerabilities?
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Web Applications

Customised Web Applications

Would you like to have a fully customised web application that mimics your business processes?
Would your business benefit by having your application available on any device?
Would you like your application to be available anywhere that has internet access?
Your team can access applications anywhere.
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Awesome Web Design Based in Leicester

For many customers their first contact with your business might be your website.

What does your website say about your business?

We can design awesome websites so that your customers can have a positive perception of your business

Spectacular banners, images and features to make your website stand out from the ‘rest of crowd’.

Below are some of the features we can include in your website

Web Design Leicester Social Icons

Social Integration

Your website can act as a hub and allow your users to interact with you through a rich variety of social media. We can help create your website so that social icons integrated in your website

Web Design Leicester Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance

Based in Leicester, Webshine can take care of minor and major updates to your websites, applications and platforms including backups, restores, security and Google analytics etc

Web Design Leicester SEO Friendly Pages

SEO Friendly Pages

Our websites are created using the latest CMS technologies which means that web pages are created with SEO friendly meta information

Web Design Leicester Web Hosting

Domain and Hosting

Webshine is based in Leicester and  we can provide hosting on high speed web servers and register your domain names

Web Design Leicester Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics provide a rich set of data that can help market your website better but the features can be bewildering. We can provide you with regular reports as needed, so that you can profile your user community.

Web Design Leicester eCommerce

eCommerce Ready

Since we use the latest CMS Technologies, we can ensure that your website is eCommerce Ready. Even if you don’t need an online shop currently, the foundation is prebuilt if you decide to have an online business in the future.

Web Design Leicester Blog

Blog Ready

Would you like to include a Blog Section into your website? This can allow you to post regular items to your site and can allow your customers to interact with your business

Web Design Leicester SMS Integration

SMS Integration

Your website can be integrated to a mobile telephony provider, you can then via your website application send SMS text messages to your customers, for example to remind them of an upcoming appointment

Web Design Leicester QR Code

QR Code Supplied

We can supply you with a QR Code for your website or business cards. This can also be integrated onto your web pages.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Locally based in Leicester

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • One Page Website

  • Megamenus

  • Responsive Websites

  • Contact Us Forms and Maps

  • Awesome Banners

  • Animations and Videos

  • Company Logo Design

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Current Projects

Some of the websites we are currently working on

eCommerce Website

Would you like a customised webshop?
We can offer a complete bespoke eCommerce website to sell your products online with complete security.
Fully customisable with stock control features and different payment options such as PayPal

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Online Web Databases

Would you like your applications to be available to your staff and customers from anywhere in a secure manner? This can allow, for example your staff to input data while they are mobile. The only prerequisite would be an internet connection. Your customers could interact with your business online such as search for free appointment slots.

We have a range of demo applications such Appointment Booking Systems, CRM, Equipment Tracking and more

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Web Security

Does your website contain viruses or other malware?

Does it contain vulnerabilities and exploits that malicious hackers can use to gain access to your data?

Are you Web Applications secure?

Check out some statistics below to illustrate the prevalence of malware issues.

Number of US households that experience heavy spam
Number of US households that have had virus problems in last 2 years
US households that have had serious spyware problems in last 6 months
US households that have had lost money or had accounts misused

Web Security

86% of all websites have at least 1 vulnerability

56% – Average number of serious vulnerabilities per website

55% -where information leakage is the vulnerability on website


Positive Developments

Its not all bad news, with Vulnerability Management becoming a key focus for many businesses the number of serious vulnerabilities per website is decreasing. Based in Leicester ,why not contact WebShine to carry out a vulnerability assessment on your website.

Vulnerability Management
2007 100%
2008 70%
2009 45%
2010 25%
2011 10%
2012 5%

ICT Support and Consultancy based in Leicester

We provide a range of ICT Services including support and consultancy.

Does your business need support for servers and systems but don’t require the services of a full time member of staff?

Perhaps you need a second opinion on a system issue

Would you like consultancy and advise before embarking on a new project?

Or perhaps you need assistance with an ICT project.

Call us and we can discuss a range of flexible options for support and consultancy.

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Custom Mobile Phone Apps

Did you know:

25% of consumers engage in online shopping ONLY via mobile.

Worldwide mobile payments surpassed £108 BILLION in 2012 up 62% from 2011.

64% of smartphone owners are now using mobile to shop online.

More than half the British population now have a smartphone.

Over 50 Million App downloads every day.

Call us and discuss the options for a customised mobile phone app for your business.

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Mobile Phone App Stats

25% of consumers engage in online shopping ONLY via mobile.

64% of smartphone owners are now using mobile to shop online.

More than half the British population now have a smartphone.


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